Welcome to Stunt Pilot. We are a manufacturer of commercial cinematic drones used in the movie and film industry. Our company is dedicated to designing, building, tuning, selling, and servicing cinematic drones that are specifically tailored to the unique needs of professional FPV drone pilots.

Founded by Tommy Tibajia, a seasoned FPV pilot who regularly uses the drones we sell to shoot movies and commercials, our company has become synonymous with high-quality, reliable and cutting-edge drone technology. With years of experience flying many different drone platforms from various manufacturers, Tommy understands what it takes to create drones that are perfectly suited for capturing the specific shots requested by DPs.

At Stunt Pilot, we are passionate about helping filmmakers capture stunning aerial shots that elevate their productions to new heights. We believe that drones are an essential tool for modern-day cinematography, and our mission is to create the best FPV drones on the market that meet the needs of filmmakers.

Our drones are built to withstand the rigors of professional use, with durable materials and advanced technology that ensures maximum stability, control, and precision. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service, and our team is always on hand to answer any questions or provide technical support.

Whether you are a seasoned pilot or just getting started, we are confident that our drones will help take your productions to the next level.