Skinny Lifter - COMING SOON

This drone was designed with STUNTS in mind. When you need your drone to be all up in the fight sequence, keep the talent safe, and still have complete dynamic control, the Skinny Lifter shines. It features a unique prop protected X8 design so it can withstand being punched, kicked, or whatever might happen during the action sequence. This design also makes it ideal to for smooth hand catch transitions and hand held operation.

As the name implies, we designed this to be as compact as possible, so that it can squeeze through the narrowest opening and "thread the needle" whenever necessary. At only 11" wide, the Skinny Lifter is ideal for tight and confined spaces. It's one of the the smallest form factor FPV drones that is prop-protected and can carry a professional cinema camera payload.


Want to know if Skinny Lifter - COMING SOON is right for you?

Battery Size

6S 4000mah


1220 g

Payload Weight

1900 g

Propeller Size

5 in

Motor to Motor Dimension

235 mm