The Reaper

The Reaper represents the next evolution in cinematic FPV film making tools. It was designed to carry the DJI RS3 (or similar gimbals), the Reaper is an FPV gimbal-lifter designed with performance in mind above all else. One could say that The Reaper can compete and/or replace a lot of the more commonly used professional tools in the industry at a fraction of the cost.

Just like any other Stunt Pilot product, this drone is meant to PERFORM and meet the demands required to capture any stunt. In most cases, the gimbal is the limiting factor. 

Optimized for an 8-9lb payload, the Reaper can carry a gimbal or a heavier cinema camera with FIZ control and HD transmission systems. The dampeners ensures clean RAW footage with any camera, and the best performance possible when used to with a gimbal.

Designed for the fastest workflows, the Reaper can easily switch from a top mounted gimbal to bottom mounted gimbal with ease.

The air-cooled onboard regulator is adjustable 12-24v and can supply up to 30A for the most demanding gimbals.


  • internal 6s to 12s battery series wiring

  • adjustable onboard voltage regulator

  • ground power connector (keeps gimbal/camera on during drone battery swaps)

  • easily switch from top to bottom mount gimbal or camera

  • 5 to 7 minutes flight times

Recommended batteries:
2x 6s 5100mah batteries.


Want to know if The Reaper is right for you?

Battery Size

2x 6S (12S) 5100mah


3230 g

Payload Weight

5300 g

Propeller Size

11 in

Flight Time