Sale price$3,600.00

Receiver: DJI
Battery Connector: AS150

A well tuned FPV cinelifter should be able to fly a like a 5" freestyle quad. When doing professional FPV work, don't let your creativity be hindered by the limitations of your FPV cinelifter.

If you never took the goggles off, you'd swear you're flying a 5" GoPro drone. If you didn't get your start in FPV from the 5" FPV freestyle hobby, what this means is the ultimate in performance and agility from what essentially birthed this new style of film-making. Long story short... if you can do it with your 5" freestyle quad, you can do it with the Stingray.

Designed and tuned by FPV pilots who found themselves on professional production sets. The Stingray meets the demands of upper echelon productions in terms of workflow, payload, and flight times.

The Stingray was designed for camera packages such as a RED Komodo, Z-Cam, Black Magic, or similarly sized cameras, as well as a cinema-grade HD transmitter such as DJI Transmission. While this payload, at ~3.2kg (~ 5.7:1 power to weight ratio), would be optimal for performance, the Stingray can still perform well with as much as 3:1 power to weight ratio.

One important design feature of the Stingray is that it has the lowest frame resonance at the lowest weight compared other to similarly sized drones on the market. This allows us to get a tune at the highest degree and is key in how the Stingray maintains it's clean, and precise flight characteristics. Low weight and minimal resonance translates to the smoothest RAW footage with minimal effort. See for yourself. Nothing else flies like this.
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- Wide cinema camera payload compatibility
- Simple camera adjustment
- Quick change battery mechanism
- 12v XT30 power for camera and transmitter
- HD digital FPV system (DJI)

Recommended batteries:
Highest C 6s batteries 4000-5100mah

Weighs just 1520g fully built

Component list:

  • 1x Stingray Frame
  • 1x Dac universal camera mount + DAC/RS2 mounting plate
  • 2x Foxeer Reaper 65a ESC
  • 1x Tmotor F7 pro V2
  • 8x Xnova 2812 - 1100 kv
  • 1x XT90 or AS150
  • 1x Matek GPS or None
  • 1x XT30 12v camera power
  • 1x Crossfire/DJI
  • 1x DJI airunit
  • 2x SMA Cherry antenna
  • 1x Polulu 50v 12v 4.5a bec (camera power)
  • 8x MAS 9x4.5x3 Props
  • 2x 50v 1000uf cap
  • 2x 50v 480uf cap


    Want to know if Stingray is right for you?

    Battery Size



    1530 g

    Payload Weight

    10 lb

    Propeller Size

    9 in

    Motor to Motor Dimension

    408 mm